Retail Interactive Mirror That’s Worth Checking Out

An interactive retail interactive mirror is a unique way to enhance the sales of any retail outlet. This type of mirror is easy to install and requires little maintenance after it has been installed. This makes the retail outlet the perfect place to install the mirror.

retail interactive mirror

University of Alabama – “The University of Alabama’s historic elephant barn, housing the largest collection of curios in the world, welcomes visitors to the Museum of Iraries and Interiors located on the second floor. Visitors are invited to walk through the Museum to admire antique blankets, cast iron beds and furniture from plantations stretching from the mid-nineteenth to the early twentieth centuries. The Museum offers a wide range of educational activities, including complimentary tours of the Historic Capitol Building, the Birmingham Zoo and the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. In addition, visitors can enjoy complimentary food samples from local restaurants.”

iRO Gardens – “The Retail Interchange at IRO Gardens in Montgomery, Alabama features a spectacular glass wall mural that welcomes you to our store,” according to their website. “This amazing interior shop offers a wide selection of products that are sure to meet your decorating needs. We carry a large selection of fashions, antiques, home accents, furniture, handbags, accessories and much more. Our experienced team will help you choose the perfect piece for your retail outlet and guide you through the installation process.” iRO Gardens is another retail outlet that features an interactive mirror.

American Museum of Natural History – “The American Museum of Natural History in New York City features more than 800 exhibits that allow visitors to study earth and wildlife from all over the world. The landmark natural history museum offers educational programs for children and special programs for adults. They also serve beer mugs made out of recycled paper. At the American Museum of Natural History, shoppers can use a retail interactive mirror to gain more knowledge about nature.

Best Buy – “The Best Buy Store in Round Rock, Texas features a big retail interactive mirror that’s not only attractive, but can show you sales prices. The mirror not only lists prices, but can also make purchases. It’s a great way for customers to learn about Best Buy prices before they begin buying,” according to their website. Another great feature found on the Round Rock store website is a photo booth that visitors can tour. The photo booth allows you to take photos of items, which then become available for purchase!

Wal-Mart – “You’ll find an amazing assortment of retail interactive mirrors at our Bentonville stores,” according to a news release from the Bentonville store. “We are featuring retail items that are interesting or have some color to them. For instance, a baby-shaped retail interactive mirror is part of the new fall collection. And there are many more unique items that are sure to get your creative juices flowing when visiting our stores.”

In addition to these stores, there is also the Santa Fe store in Downtown Santa Fe. This retail interactive mirror has been featured in many magazine articles and even on the Oprah Winfrey Show. You can also view several photos taken by visitors in the “Santa Fe 365” section. Other retail interactive mirrors can be found in such stores as JCPenny, Sears, Babies R Us and Mattress Warehouse. They can all add a fun, whimsical twist to your shopping experience.

There are so many retail interactive mirror selections available today, you needn’t worry about having to choose the wrong one. In fact, they are so fun to shop for that you may end up choosing three or four! Regardless of your choice, it will certainly be a gift that will be appreciated. So, if you haven’t tried shopping for a retail interactive mirror before, I encourage you to take a trip to your nearest retail outlet and check them out.