The Benefits of Using an IP65 Touch Screen Monitor in Brookville

benefits of using ip65 touch screen monitor

IP65 touch screen monitors can be found in many environments and applications, including retail stores, point of sale terminals, airport kiosks and more.

IP65 ratings indicate how much water a device can withstand. The first digit relates to dust ingress while the second one measures how well a device can withstand water jets (6.3mm in size) coming from any direction.


IP, or Ingress Protection Rating, measures how well an item protects against foreign objects and moisture ingress. It consists of two-digit numbers with one representing protection from solid particles while another indicates liquid ingress protection.

Industrial IP65 Touch Screen Monitors are specifically engineered for use in hostile environments and can withstand a wide variety of environmental hazards, such as dust, moisture, frost and heat. Their ruggedized designs ensure durability against environmental hazards like dust, moisture frost and heat exposure while their bright LCD displays provide better visibility in demanding conditions while their mounting options offer ample choice.

Xenarc’s touchscreen industrial displays come in various sizes and are equipped with capacitive, resistive or optical bonding for system integration or automation projects. Each highly durable touchscreen industrial display is housed in an IP65 dust/splash proof aluminum alloy case to extend product lifespan while being sunlight readable with 1,000 NIT brightness rating.


An IP65 touch screen monitor is specially designed to withstand harsh environments that contain large quantities of water and dust particles, providing it with waterproof ratings to ward off liquid or dust that may come into contact with its screen. It is highly durable yet waterproof rated to keep fluid or dust particles at bay from coming in contact with its display screen.

These units are ideal for industrial settings like food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing or high-foot traffic areas with plenty of dust. In commercial settings they may be used in self-service kiosks, information kiosks or Point-of-Sale systems.

Waterproof touchscreen displays make cleaning and maintenance of these touchscreen displays simple and straightforward, from wiping them down with a damp cloth or disinfectant spray to submersion in running water for washing purposes. Furthermore, their cold temperature resistance and wet finger resistance make them suitable for outdoor environments such as harsh climates.


When used in an industrial or business setting, an IP65 touch screen monitor may become exposed to dust and water particles that pose potential safety threats to customers or employees; to minimize this risk it’s vital that it can withstand these elements.

An IP65 touch screen monitor is designed to repel water and dust particles from penetrating its sides and back, enabling it to work even in harsh environments such as outdoor kiosks, Point-of-Sale (POS), or digital POP displays.

An IP65 touch screen can withstand low-pressure water jets from all directions, making it suitable for marine or industrial applications. This makes cleaning the device simpler while decreasing risk of germ spreading – an invaluable feature in environments where hand sanitizer is commonly used.

Wide Temperature Range

The IP65 touch screen monitor was built to withstand even the harshest environments. These displays boast wide temperature ranges, are resistant to humidity, rain and direct sunlight and feature vibration proof designs which help absorb any shocks or movements the monitor might experience.

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An Ip65 touch screen display with high brightness (up to 1000nits brightness rate) is essential in harsh environments like train platforms. Not only are they more visible than standard industrial monitors, they will also help reduce glare in environments with intense ambient lighting conditions.

This IP65 sunlight-readable LCD monitor features a stainless steel chassis, PCAP touchscreen technology and Intel Tigerlake UP3-Series processor. Additionally, this unit is resistant to swarf, grease, heavy impacts, theft corrosion bacteria and airborne debris and wash down for convenient mounting on panels or VESA brackets.