Argon Rugged Monitor

If your next project requires a rugged monitor, look no further than Argon’s wide range of industrial-grade products. Their full-range of rugged display monitors range from a 5” to a 21.3” screen and include products designed for hand-held, airborne and land-based use. A robust monitor’s low-voltage design makes it ideal for any type of hazardous environment. Its flexibly adaptable design makes it easy to customize to fit any application.

rugged monitor

The High Definition Rugged Monitor provides high-resolution and bright illumination in an extremely compact and lightweight design. Its LCD backlight system offers a maximum 800 nits of illumination, while its IPS LCD screen has a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. A MIL-SPEC-rated rugged video controller offers extended lifecycle support and has been thoroughly tested in harsh environments. The resulting monitor is able to display even the sharpest images and videos.

A rugged display can also process a variety of digital and analog video signals. It supports VGA, DVI and composite video. Many users will specify this type of rugged monitor when selecting a display. These displays come in a light-weight package with a polycarbonate viewing window. They are great for light-industrial settings, but may not be the best solution for the most demanding environments. So, if you need a monitor that can handle a harsh environment, you’ll want to look at an industrial touchscreen monitor.

The High Definition Rugged Monitor, for example, is another popular choice. It has a 17-inch screen and supports up to 1080p HD video. It is available in four sizes, and features a remote control, 15 programmable bezel keys and a USB port. The screen’s superior quality LCD modules and pixel density ensure a clear image that will last despite the worst conditions. The High Definition Rugged Monitor has a high-resolution resolution, is easy to adjust and offers a wide viewing angle.

The VPT-8-MIL is a rugged monitor with big brightness and resolution. It has an 800 x 600 pixel screen and a MIL-SPEC-certified rugged video controller. Whether you need a rugged display for military or marine applications, these units are built to withstand the most extreme environments and withstand the most demanding tasks. When you need a rugged monitor, look for one that is MIL-spec-certified.

While a rugged monitor can be used for both military and civilian applications, a rugged display is typically designed to withstand harsh environments. A rugged display can withstand harsh conditions, including rain and snow. A VPT-8-MIL is a model that is often specified for military purposes. These models can process both analog and digital video signals. Unlike some other types of military or commercially manufactured monitors, they are incredibly durable and are suited for extreme applications.